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3 Ways to Save Money on Pet Medication

Times are tough. The economy is not what it used to be and as much as we love our dogs they can get a bit expensive. Pet medication is one of the most expensive parts of owning an animal and we all know that any money saving tip is appreciated.

Tip 1: Ask Your Vet if the Medicine has a Generic Form or Human Equivalent

You could not imagine the number of pet medicines that either have cheaper generic form or even a human equivalent. All you have to do is ask! Most of the time people are somewhat embarrassed to ask about cheaper forms of medicine and there is absolutely no reason to be. Veterinarians understand that things are tough and will be more than likely willing to help you out. Just explain to your pet’s doctor that you would like to enquire if the medicine they prescribed comes in a generic form or possibly a human equivalent, it is that easy.  Also getting a prescription for a generic form will allow you to go to other pharmacies that will have that medicine at a discounted price.

Tip 2: Shop Online or Shop Around

Shopping around and shopping online is defiantly worth the extra time. Once you have the prescription start calling around to all your local pharmacies. Look up their websites online and compare prices. If you have the human equivalents check your medicine cabinets and then get online and search online for pet pharmacies. Some stores offer discount drug programs that will cover veterinary drugs as well as normal medicines, enquire about them. If you do decide to buy online try and find a website that is in compliance with the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy, in order to make sure that what you are getting sent is what you want. Also it is good to use these sites because you are assured that they comply with the appropriate licensing requirements and the assurance that you will be paying for quality medications.

Tip 3: Couponing and Extreme Bargaining

Who doesn’t love a good excuse to coupon? Go to your nearest search engine and enter in vet coupons and click search. You will be astounded at how many coupons are out there or promotional ads that are out there that could save you money. Most of us bargain and coupon for the groceries that we feed ourselves and our children so why wouldn’t we bargain for our pets?

Bargaining could also be essential. You have to go in and make sure you are heard. If you think something is overly priced, say something about it. Ask for price matches or alternate methods to achieve the goals. Most vet offices or animal hospitals will not want to lose your business so don’t be afraid to speak up. You never know when it could save you money.

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